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What's that Wocket thing?

Wocket [wok-it]: Short for Waffle Pocket. Hand-weighed yeast-risen dough, forged within our 200°C cast iron waffle maker. Pressed to perfection resulting in a crispy exterior and a densely soft interior stuffed with our many unique fillings.

What's on the Menu?

Stuffed fresh to-order, our Wockets come in a variety of options and flavors. Outside of seasonal specials and catering requests, we always carry our Hall-of-Famer Wockets.

Yeah. We Cater.

Special events, festivals, weddings, fund-rasiers and beyond. We’re that cool waffle-truck everyone will be talking about.

Take a few moments to tell us about your event and let's stuff some waffles!

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Our truck-tracking technology is currently getting a facelift. But don't worry, you can still order Dough Heads Waffles online.