What's that Wocket thing?

Wocket [wok-it]: Short for Waffle Pocket. Hand-weighed yeast-risen dough, forged within our 200°C cast iron waffle maker. Pressed to perfection resulting in a crispy exterior and a densely soft interior stuffed with our many unique fillings.

What's on the Menu?

Stuffed fresh to-order, our Wockets come in a variety of options and flavors. Outside of seasonal specials and catering requests, we always carry our Hall-of-Famer Wockets.

Yeah. We Cater.

Special events, festivals, weddings, fund-rasiers and beyond. We’re that cool waffle-truck everyone will be talking about.

Take a few moments to tell us about your event and let's stuff some waffles!

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Upcoming Events

Try a Wocket in the wild. We’ve got wheels — for all you know we’re right around the corner.

We're currently updating our 2019 events calendar, check back soon for more updates. No worries though! We're still on the move, find out where the truck's at by visiting our Truck-Tracker.

Find the Waffle Truck

Wondering where our Stuffed-Waffle Food Truck is at? Find it with the latest waffle-tracking technology.

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